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These are very important!! Please read them and make sure you understand everything before you send in your application!

1) Before applying to join the community, please fill out the application and send it to You should hear a reply fairly soon. If it’s been over a week, please e-mail and let Laurel know.

2) You need to make a character journal for this community. You should post in your personal journal as your character and in the first person ("I" statements). You can write about a tough time the character is going through, something good that has happened, a secret that your character knows, etc. Just remember that you will friend only the people you want to read your journal and vica versa.

2) In the community journal, you need to post in the 3rd person ("She" "Him", etc statements). Here you will RP with other characters.

3) Please keep all OOC (out of character) posts @ our ooc community cc_ooc

4) No Netspeak please. (i.e. *lol* or 'c u l8ter')

5) Keep all posts 'friends only'.

6) You can write slash if you would like, but please put it under an lj cut ((<*lj-cut text="..."*><*lj-cut*>...<*/lj-cut*>, just get rid of the stars)) and make sure you ok it with the character you would like to slash with.

7) Make all activity posts in the community a separate post. The only time you can reply in the comments is responding to an owl or replying in someone's personal journal.

8) If you would like to play more than one character, you may RP for a major character and a minor character.

9) You must post 2 times a week, at the very least (this includes mods). Every Sat., I will make a post @ the ooc community. Those on McGonagall's list have one week to post 2 times. If they do not, then they are put on Dumbledore's list and expelled (or kicked out of the community).

10) Please keep all fights in character, not out. I would like to have a good RP community!

11) Lastly, have fun! No one is perfect and it takes a while to build up to a master RPer.
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