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Hermione sits in the leaky cauldron waiting for the weasley's to come. She decided to come early and get a room to put her trunk in so she wouldn't feel silly just sitting ther with it. With her parents she went to gringots just so they could exchanges some money for her expensive and they have already left. So she pulls some stuff out of her bag and begins to knot while she waits for ron.

Ron stepped out of the floo station in Diagon Alley. Ginny close behind, he looked left and then right. He seemed rather anxious as he walked into the Leaky Cauldron. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny had stopped at Gringotts to see if they could get a hold of Bill. Ron continued into the Leaky Cauldron and turned around to a poke in the back. The poke was Hermione.
"Hello 'Mione," Ron said while rubbing the where he was poked, "Long time no see"

She turns around. "hey ron." she smiles at him. Where are we meeting Harry?" I've put my trunk in room we can come retrieve it when we're ready to go ot you house."

After a few moments of silence, Ron finally realized he had to answer the question. "Oh. Um. We have to go get him at the Three Broomsticks," Ron paused, "Oh, and that's fine with your trunk." Ron looked everywhere but forward.

*hermione give him a look* "Ron, are you alright?  What on earth are you looking for?"

"Um, nothing Hermione, just dropped a uhh, nevermind" Ron started to walk towards the door and turned around to see Hermione in the same spot. "You'll want to be getting Harry now, right?"

*Hermione nods* "Sure, lets go."  eyeing ron.

Another few moments of silence fell. Why is this so awkward? Ron though to himself. "Umm, Will you be taking Arithmency again this year?" Arithmency? I'm talking about pathetic. "I meant, have you heard from anyone lately?"

She  thinks to herself well this is odd.... Ron asking about school.  "Yeah im taking artihmency again.Well, to be honest no i havent heard from anyone all summer really.... What been going on in the wizarding world?"

"Some old stuff, de-gnoming the gardens, occassional quarrel's with Ginny, but we've heard nothing of you-know-who," Ron said with a slight cringe on his face. "Really? You haven't heard from Viky recenly?" He said with a slight smirk, "anyway, how's the muggle world been?"

*Hermione rolls her eyes* "No nothing from him. It's fine"

Ron and Hermione reached the entrance to the Three Broomsticks. Ron looked up as the sun shone inhis hazel eyes. "Well, here we are. You go in first," Ron insisted

*Hermione gives him a look* "ehh thank you... "   and then goes in

Hermione stepped inside and Ron followed close behind, but not too close behind. The rotting wood of the floorboards creaked like mad until Hermione stopped in her tracks, and Ron, without noticing it, bumped into her. "Hey what's going on?" Ron shouted unpurposey loud. "oops Sorry," Ron said when Hermione gave him a look.

Looking in the direction Hermione was glaring in, he noticed Harry was standing on the stairs. "Harry!" Ron exclaimed, waiting for his reaction.


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