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The carriage trundled up the well-worn path to Hogwarts, its wheels a steady droning creak in the late August air. Remus was prone to dozing whenever boredom overcame his senses, but the knowledge of his destination held him to wakefulness. He was oddly glad to be traveling to the school before start of term, rather than arriving with the students on the Hogwarts Express as he had before. Seeing as he would have the post of permanent Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher unless some unforeseen event occured, he was to arrive early and settle in before term began. It made him feel quite adult, for once, and not just a young man with too many books directing unruly students and hoping to get it right.
Leaning over, Remus peeked out of the window. Hogwarts rose magestically against the starry sky, its lights few at this time. The young man smiled, comforted by the familiar sight. It would be wonderful to return, this time hopefully to stay. Not saying, of course, that he was not dreadfully nervous at the prospect of teaching when all were aware of his condition. He was going to recieve a few nasty letters, this he was sure of. But it would be worth it, wouldn't it?
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