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crystal__clear's Journal

A Harry Potter RPG
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding
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Before anything, please read the rules here

After you read the rules, head over here and see if the character you want to play is available. Those available are plain, those taken are in bold and have a username next to them.

After you read the character openings, please fill out this form and send it to crystal_clear_mods@yahoo.com
The application is here

Make sure to join our OOC community! cc_ooc

cc_chang: Laurel - neverland_dreamer@yahoo.com
d_prophet: Megan - littlecherub_m@yahoo.com
sblack_padfoot: Krissa - devoted2writing@comcast.net
rl_moony: Peter - thecleverpan@yahoo.com
lilamoon: Jess - shasaperino@hotmail.com
noble_dignity: Stel - stelvani@hotmail.com

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to e-mail any of the mods!

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